Planning Your Mission Trip

You have prayed about this and decided to come!!!  Yeah!!!  What is the next step??

Contact Mark and Lois Finney and let them know when you wish to come to CPCR, how many will be coming, who is the leader or leaders and in what mission work you wish to participate. They will discuss this with Paul and your group will be added to the Camp calendar. 

CostCost:  We ask for a donation of $350/person for a week stay at the Camp-to be sent at least a month before your trip.  For children age 12 or less, we ask for a $250 donation/week.  This includes room, board and transportation from the airport to the Camp and back.Please contact us if you wish to discuss this in more detail.

Mission HouseThe Mission House, where you will be staying, is about ½ mile walk to the Camp. The House is a Westernized house with a full kitchen (including coffee maker and microwave) and hot and cold running water (most Costa Ricans do not have hot water). The women/girl's dorm room is on one side of the house and the men/boys stay on the other side - each with their own bathrooms.  AND ...there is a pool in the backyard!!!  So fun for the campers and mission groups, too.

Please be advised there is limited internet connection at either the Camp or Mission House, so feel free to pay for this on your own OR just enjoy the time away from social media and know your time with the campers, staff, fellow team members and just alone time with God is priceless.

Mission HouseExtras:

Extra costs above the $350 per week include any souvenirs or meals away from the Camp or Mission House and touring or vacation time with your group-keep in mind the transportation costs of any adventure time can add a significant amount. No need to change US dollars into Costa Rican colones since US dollars are accepted everywhere, although you may receive change in colones in very small stores. Please ask any questions of Mark or Lois- they have led many teams to CPCR.

Are you wondering what your days at camp would look like?  Here is a link for a Typical Day at Camp.  Please keep in mind that flexibility is key to any mission trip.

Planning Mission TripMission Team Leaders:  You are in charge of your team with arranging airfare; collecting $350/person/week and sending mission house costs  to Luann at least a month before your trip; and preparing the team for the mission trip.  Also you are in charge of your team during your time in Costa Rica, under the leadership of the camp directors.  With your team, please review and discuss part A below (covenant, pre-trip devotions and packing list).  Then each tem member must complete part B below (sign the covenant and complete the application and mission trip questions).  These latter forms need to be scanned to Mark and Lois, who will forward them to Paul.

A mission trip should awaken God's desire in each of us to be sanctified, be prepared for our Lord’s coming, and be ready to serve in his kingdom, as the apostle Paul states in 1 Thessalonians:

 “God himself, the God of peace, (wants to) sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Part A.

Mission Trip Covenant – Your mission trip is a covenant relationship with Camp Penuel.
Mission Pre-trip Devotions – Devotional material for pre-trip preparation.
Mission Packing List – What to put in your suitcase, besides your Bible.

Part B.

Mission Trip Covenant – Your mission trip is a covenant relationship with Camp Penuel.
Mission Trip Questions –Questions about why you wish to come to Camp.
Mission Trip Application – Emergency contact and health information